Refresh your equipment with a disciplined leasing system that keeps you on track and focused, in a more proactive manner than equipment purchase. Tracking, depreciation issues, and disposal will become concerns of the past.

Technology/Telecom, Transportation/Industrial, Healthcare/Medical, Furniture/Office, and Software (bundle multiple equipment types on one lease)

United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Fair Market Value, 10% Purchase Option, $1.00 Purchase Option, TRAC Lease, Seasonal Lease, and Step Lease

12 to 60 months

Transaction Sizes
$1,000 to multimillions of dollars

End of Lease Options
Purchase the equipment for the current fair market value, 10% of original equipment cost, or $1.00 (depending on lease structure)
Continue leasing the equipment at a negotiated payment
Refresh your equipment with a new lease
Return the equipment