Your Personal Leasing Team

When you become a customer or partner of Ontario Credit, a team of financial and service specialists are dedicated to your leasing plan and projected needs. They will be with you from the beginning of your lease until lease-end and beyond. This personalized team will be with you every step of the way . . . answering your questions, updating you regularly, and anticipating your needs. Their goal is to become your partner in the leasing process. There's no need to "re-educate" a new person when you call in to ask questions about your leases. It's our job to know the answers to those questions before you ever place a call. At Ontario Credit, we want you to feel that our team is a part of your team.

Does your leasing partner do this?

Relationship, not transaction focused
Prompt communication - Phone, email, fax
Personalized team that takes you through your equipment life-cycle, from beginning to end
Completely automated system
Rapid credit approvals
Simple documentation
Bundled lease solutions
Equipment, software, installation, maintenance, etc.
Online with all major manufacturers & distributors
Trade-ins welcome
Buy existing equipment
Apply value to new equipment