Ontario Credit is an independent lessor which specializes in equipment leasing and financing solutions for our clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small business, as well as our vendor partners, with an unmatched focus on service throughout the process. We have clients in many sectors, including public and private businesses, state and local government, federal government, and education.

We structure flexible payment plans for our clients and vendor partners to lease or finance the acquisition of equipment in many categories, including Technology and Software, Materials Handling, Medical, and other equipment. Client transactions range from a few thousand to multimillion-dollar plans for their acquisition and refreshment needs.

Our in-depth industry expertise dates back to the late 1970’s, when Louis Centolella II entered the equipment leasing and finance business. After many years of industry experience, he launched Ontario Credit Corporation in the 1990’s.

Around that time, Louis’s oldest son, Louis Centolella III, started working at the company on a part-time basis while attending Lehigh University, learning all aspects of the business. As the younger Lou grew with the business, so did his industry knowledge and experience.

After Lou graduated from Lehigh with his Bachelor’s degree in finance, he spent the next five years at ADP, the Fortune 500 payroll and benefits management firm. Working in the South Florida region, Lou’s roles in sales as a District Manager and then as Major Account Manager gave him valuable experience in business and client account management.

By 2001, Lou decided to return to the company his father had founded, so he re-joined full-time as a sales representative for new accounts. He then progressed to managing the entire sales team, eventually heading up all operations. One of his first initiatives in the operations role was to update and reprogram the company’s enterprise systems, allowing the firm to become even more responsive with the services they were providing.

In 2010, with the untimely passing of his father, Lou became president and managing partner of what was now a collection of related companies. He re-organized into separate business units, with Ontario Credit Corporation, Enterprise Lease Solutions and Computer Gallery as separate entities. These business units continued to provide the industry services they had been providing for almost 30 years at that point, with the same continuing dedication to their customers.

Today, Lou, along with his brother Jason who is also his business partner and an attorney with extensive industry experience, continue to honor a strong commitment to clients of the leasing and financing space, as their father did more than four decades ago when he first entered the industry.

The experience and forward-looking perspective of the younger Centolella generation are what allow Ontario Credit to anticipate the changing industry and needs of their diverse client base. This gives the Ontario Credit team the tools they need, to continue serving their clients at the highest levels.