Flexible payment plans to help you sell more product.

Ontario Credit offers a wide range of vendor programs specifically designed for you and your clients. Our flexible payment plans help you sell more product while at the same time addressing the specific cash flow needs of your end-user clients.

By providing your end-user clients with multiple payment options, you can leverage new opportunities, retain existing customers, sell more product and increase your overall sales. Let us help you overcome cost objections by providing 100% upfront financing to you, while your clients make payments over multiple years. Armed with payment plans from Ontario Credit, your clients will gain the use of the product they need today without diminishing their financial flexibility.

Since product sales are time sensitive and highly competitive, the ability to offer your clients an immediate payment plan will help you finalize more transactions, expand your business and get you paid in a timely manner.

Advantages of partnering with Ontario Credit:

  • Creative agreements. Use traditional documentation or let us embed financing terms and conditions within your sales quote to avoid the need for a separate lease or finance agreement.
  • Fast. Quick decisions and rapid document turnaround.
  • Financial strength. We are well capitalized to lease and finance transactions of any size.
  • Flexible. We can customize and structure payment plans that match the needs of your customers.
  • Trust. You can have confidence in the market intelligence we bring to every opportunity.
  • Adaptable affiliation. At your discretion we can work directly with your clients or
    operate behind the scenes.
  • Your own dedicated relationship team. We are accessible, at your service, and will
    answer your calls.

Our goal is to help you sell more equipment. When you do well, we do well. To establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Ontario Credit today, give us a call.

Ontario Credit has been a strategic partner of ours for several years. They listen and then create customized support that ensures that we are able to deliver a solid customer experience. Their ability to adapt and support our unique needs has made a significant difference in our growth. We require speed and efficiency. Ontario Credit delivers on both!
Fortune 100 Global Technology Distributor
We are careful in choosing our partners since their services to our clients reflect upon us directly. Ontario Credit helps us offer financing options to our clients. They are fast, flexible, and friendly. Not only do we get quick approval decisions and get paid quickly as well, our clients are offered the flexibility to pay for technology over time, freeing up their cash. And the feedback we get from our clients is great as well. Ontario Credit makes our company and our clients feel well cared for.
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