We give our clients the maximum benefit of our end-to-end knowledge and experience with the life cycle of equipment and matching that to the best payment plan for your needs. This is encompassed in the following four stages:

CONSULTATION – We’ll take the time to completely understand what your equipment need is and what you hope to achieve by using the equipment. This discussion involves not only how you see using the equipment, but also what you think you’d want to do with the equipment after its useful life ends. Our financial pricing and asset management teams let us respond quickly and offer competitive rates to our clients.

ORIGINATION – We’re experts in originating payment plans for equipment acquisitions. Whether it’s a lease that you walk away from at end of term obligation-free, or a loan for equipment you’d like to hang onto forever, we’ll help you make the right selection at terms most beneficial to you.

ADMINISTRATION – We do the work through the life of the lease or loan, keeping you on track with the progress of your payments and reminding you of any upcoming milestones. Asset tracking, tax reporting, depreciation issues, and asset disposal will never be concerns for you, because we’ll be handling all of that. And we’re always available if you have any ongoing questions about your agreement.

EXPIRATION – It’s the end of your agreement term, what are your plans? If you’re continuing to use the equipment, we’ll extend your terms and do all the paperwork for you. If you want to own it all, we’ll tell you what you’ll need to do. Or, if you want to change it all out for something new, we’ll take back the products so that you can refresh your equipment. Without you having to worry an ounce about how to get them shipped to us! Our inhouse expertise in equipment valuation and remarketing for off-lease products let’s us respond quickly and offer competitive rates to our clients.

Let us put our vast experience in the beginning-to-end life cycle of equipment leasing and financing to work for you. Reach out to learn more about how we can apply our advantage to your specific needs.

We are very impressed with Ontario Credit’s follow through…Not only do they have very competitive rates, but more importantly, their back office operations are the most efficient and effective we’ve ever experienced. They provide full service leasing in a very professional manner. I get low quotes from other vendors…but what separates Ontario Credit from other leasing companies we have dealt with is their service.”

National Auto Insurance Company
“They’re so easy to work with. When it gets into deadline time for our leases they’re real flexible to do business with. You never have to worry about the paperwork either…it’s correct and it always looks the same. With other leasing companies we’ve done business with, we get voice mail… or you can’t get a person on the phone. At Ontario Credit you know who you need to talk to in order to get something done. They make us feel like we’re very important to them.”
Global Oil Services Company